I once opened a fortune cookie to find this written inside: “You are a lover of words. Someday you should write a book.”

Someday I will have a story in my heart, and I will write it down.

For now, enjoy these vignettes. I promise randonmess with a thin thread of commonality. In general, I strive for a well-fed, well-read, well-lived existence. This digital space will pay homage to that goal.

Thank you for reading.

Much love and hugs.

— LolaK —


Some links on the blog are now affiliate links. I’ll never recommend something I don’t love. Thanks for your support. xo.

One thought on “LolaK…Is

  1. Lola k–thanks for following me on twitter. I’m digging your blog and I see that we have a mutual friend in OneSparkFilms. Let me know if you have an interest in guest blogging–either you for me or me for you! Happy Saturday!

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